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Running Correct Wire In Your Sticher Head

Posted by Dave Double on

Costly mistakes are often made when running the wrong stitching wire size in your stitching heads.

All stitching heads are set-up to run a specific wire size. Many times the incorrect wire is run through the head, eventually causing problems. Usually I see the head was set-up (or Sold) for a wire size the user isn’t running. Commonly the head is set-up for 26 -28 gauge wire, while the user is running a 25 gauge wire. Now that could be “visa-versa”, and the user is just running the wrong size wire. Yes – Confusing!

Many customers unknowingly get away with this mismatch. But after time the heads do act up and need service, the parts degrade making the problem worse with time. Correcting the problem by installing the proper parts for around $300.00 or switching to wire that matches what the head was designed to run. Getting the problem corrected will extend the life of the stitcher head and save some down time.

Keep in mind low quality “flaking” wire can also cause the same problems. With side feed heads, such as Hohner, Deluxe and Muller, using high quality TINNED wire pays-off. Avoid the cheaper galvanized wires.

Always pay close attention to the details when order a replacement stitcher head. If no one asked or checked on the wire size you run, there is a good chance you end up with this problem. Finding out later is an unnecessary expense.

Here in these photos you can see the wire clogging up the groove in the bender bar.