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Proper way to store a guillotine paper cutter blade.

Posted by Dave Double on

If you notice nicks in a sharp guillotine paper cutter blade, you may be experiencing problems with how it was stored in the wood scabbard used to transport the blade back and forth to the knife grinder.

You can tell right after cutting the first lift of paper, by finding small lines or ridges on the face of the lift.

There are a number of ways the knife can get nicked:

  1. You nicked it when installing the knife.
  2. The grinding service nicked it while handling or shipping it.
  3. The grinding service did not grind away the previous nicks.
  4. The knife is not properly mounted in the protective wood carrier (the scabbard).

The first 3 reason listed above are self-explanatory, but 4th reason is commonly overlooked.

CAUTION: Guillotine paper knives can be very dangerous all safety precautions must be observed and extreme care must be taken when handling knives. Please refer to your owner's manual. Do not handle knife blades unless you have proper training and authorization.

When your knives arrive from the knife grinding service or you are placing it in the scabbard to ship, verify it is correctly installed in the scabbard. Just look into the end as show in these pictures.

The sharp edge should NOT be touching anywhere in the scabbard. If the knife is touching the scabbard it can produce small nicks while in shipping or from rough handling. Let your grinding service know if you find a problem, so they can correct it.