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Hohner Stitcher Head Former Adjustment

Posted by Dave Double on

How to align Former (wire holder) to grooves in bender bar.

Stitcher Head Wire Straightener

Each time you change spool of wire or are having difficulty feeding wire, you should check or adjust the wire straightener.  Refer to your owner's manual for instructions on your make and model.

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Care and Use of Hollow Paper Drill Bits

Refer to the OEMs owner’s manual, for the safe operation of your equipment. To prevent the drill from overheating, always avoid drilling too slowly. The SHARP drill bit should be passed though the paper as rapidly as possible while also allowing the drills to easily cut through the paper. Care should be taken when handling hollow [...]

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Proper way to store a guillotine paper cutter blade.

If you notice nicks in a sharp guillotine paper cutter blade, you may be experiencing problems with how it was stored in the wood scabbard used to transport the blade back and forth to the knife grinder. You can tell right after cutting the first lift of paper, by finding small lines or ridges on the face [...]

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How to replace worn wire cutters in your Hohner stitching head

Worn out wire cutters are a common problem on a wire stitching head. These cutters are consumable and wear-out from normal use. Worn cutters do not cut cleanly through the wire, leaving burns on the end of the wire making it difficult to penetrate the paper. Cutters can be replaced or rotated to quickly solve [...]

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Setting Paper Folder Rollers

When first learning how to setup a paper folding machine, it can be difficult to understand how the machine works and knowing all the correct steps needed to setup and run the folder. The following information is a “technique” you might use to figure out the correct information needed to complete a quick and [...]

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Running Correct Wire In Your Sticher Head

Costly mistakes are often made when running the wrong stitching wire size in your stitching heads.All stitching heads are set-up to run a specific wire size. Many times the incorrect wire is run through the head, eventually causing problems. Usually I see the head was set-up (or Sold) for a wire size the user [...]

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